Mike Aiello

Hello everyone,

I found this example on MSDN. What code would have to be used and what code would have to be changed from this example to validate the signers and recipients certificates from a CA and send a PKI encrypted email message

// Find the signer's certificate.
X509Certificate2Collection certColl =
signerName, false);

// Get recipient certificate.
// For purposes of this sample, do not validate the
// certificate. Note that in a production environment,
// validating the certificate will probably be necessary.
X509Certificate2Collection certColl = storeAddressBook.
recipientName, false);

Would a PKI server certificate need to be installed on the application server if the application was sending and receiving emails from multiple users

Would the X509 key i.e. signerName and recipientName be the X500 RDN value i.e.(CN=JoeSmith)

Would the X509Store value need to be set as follows

X509Store storeMy = new X509Store(StoreName.CertificateAuthority,StoreLocation.LocalMachine);