After surfing the web for 3 days fulltime I only find bluetooth samples for Mobile applications.

I noticed that finding "Bluetooth Stack" gets me to more PC based BT info, but nowhere I can't find what i need:

I want to talk Bluetooth between PC and Mobile, the Mobile part will be probally MIDP cause it's a bigger spectrum of users.

Say I just want a chat program between PC -> Mobile with BT without annoying security questions.

I got a cellphone with BT, I got a PC with a USB BT stick and Toshiba Bluetooth Stack on it. What should I do

I think 'manufacturer' Bluetooth Stack is the driver package for running BT on your device, cellphone or PC.

I only found a .NET non mobile libaray called BlueTools, but I dont know if this is usefull aka without security questions.

Please help me!

Thank u

Re: .NET Framework Networking and Communication Bluetooth on PC

Alan J. McFarlane

Well there's 32feet.NET which provides Bluetooth (and IrDA and OBEX) support for .NET applications on both desktop and CE Windows. It currently only supports the Microsoft stack on both platforms. You can probably remove the Toshiba stack and use the Microsoft-supplied one in XP SP2 if you want to use the library. (I work on the library BTW).

I don't know what "security" problems you refer to...