hello friends,

i wud like to ask u all a simple question that what is the most efficient language amongst the two: PERL or C/C++

i m a newbie here and expect answers from the experts sitting over the next side.

i have downloaded perl in my system but still i m not able to run perl environment in it. plz help me.

Re: Common Language Runtime perl or C


Efficient can mean many different things and it depends highly on your current programming skills. Did you mean with efficient:

- Program code with the least amount of effort
- Program code which is as fast as possible

Choosing a language where it is possible to get more speed does help nothing if you are not familar with it. Learning Perl is easier to learn than C++ but also more limited to processing text files (parsing, generating statiscs, reports, ...).You could learn quite a lot from Regular Expressions and how they are applied within Perl quite fast. Since this is a CLR Forum I would recommend to use C#, VB.NET or if you want to become a language rock star: F#

Alois Kraus