I know this is not really a 100% C# question, however I'm trying to utilize MSMQ via C# over HTTP... I'm finding that I cannot create or check for the existance of Queues utilizing the HTTP channel whether they are private or public.

Example code:

string url = "FormatNameBig SmileIRECT=HTTP://myserver/MSMQ/myqueue";



Note: the annoying emoticon above shows up because its really a : D w/ no space

For both of those methods I get errors eluding to - cannot create / check existance with that path syntax.

I've also seen this example - changing the : to an = after FormatName, that seems worse off though just plain saying its an invalid syntax altogether.

string url = "FormatName=DIRECT=HTTP://myserver/MSMQ/myqueue";

As far as I've read, you can create / check the existance of Queues via HTTP, however I cannot get any example to work... all of the documentation I've seen only uses the OS direct path to do so.... Anyone have any ideas

I can however retreive messages from the Qeueue via HTTP w/ that url syntax, but... w/ the architecture I'm working on I'd like to check for its existance first from the client. At this point I'm considering doing so with a webservice call prior to connecting to the Queue.

Any help is much appreciated.

- Sean