Ian Thomas

The finance industry (and others) have "code lists" / vocabularies / enumerations that are specific to their industries, but an ongoing problem is the maintenance of these lists and the re-design of the "primary" enumeratiuon from time to time.

One approach is "genericode" - an evolving standard for the "generic" code list. There is an OASIS technical committee working on this, and in a few days / a month, v1.0 will be released.

Microsoft is not represented on this Technical Committee, but is an OASIS member.

The Charter of this TC is here OASIS Code List Representation Technical Committee

Other technical documents are located here.

Question: What application has XML in Orcas and specifically the "incubation project" called XSD Designer, to solving some of the problems inherent in a generic standard for code lists

Re: XML and the .NET Framework Code Lists and XSD Designer