I installed .Net V3.0 redistributable to find that Visual Web Developer Express didn't work anymore.

So I ran the VS 2005 extensions thinking that might help me. No luck.

So I removed V3.0 to find that VWD Express still wasn't working.

So I:

  • removed all express applications
  • re-installed V3.0
  • installed Visual Studio 2005 Professional
  • downloaded and installed the VS2005 SP1
  • re-installed VS 2005 extensions

to find that the web development section still locks up. Actually it says that VS is busy waiting for something to finish but that waiting never ends.

What now Re-format the hard drive and start installing from scratch

I was quite happy on my XP professional with .Net V2.0 and Visual Web Developer Express. The change over to V3.0 is supposed to be painless

I think it is something not set in IIS V6.0 but what I do not know.

Any suggestions

Re: .NET Framework Setup Problem With Net 3.0 install

Omar Khan

Hi SuperRoo,

Can you describe the steps in VS2005 that lead to the hang Feel free to email me directly at omark-at-microsoft-dot-com.

Re: .NET Framework Setup Problem With Net 3.0 install

Aaronru - MSFT

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