I have an application that uses .NET remoting. I am having some problems with regards to memory, the server application just keeps on building up memory and its not reclaiming it. My application includes formula calculations that may run a very long time. After the memory build up it throws an OutOfMemoryException. I tried disposing objects and object references and still no luck. The funny thing about it is I tried running a fewer batch of calculations just to see if the server is reclaiming its memory after calculating successfully, to my surprise it doesn't. Another wierd thing is that after the calculations, maximizing and minimizing the server console application does the trick of reclaiming the memory. Any opinions would be very very helpful. My server application by the way does calculations, write entries to log files, and saves data to the database.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Common Language Runtime Memory build up

Chris Lyon - MS

See this blog entry for instructions on how to track down managed memory leaks: