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I Have a large XML file where i use Xpath for retrieve some data.

Now that works just fine. But my memory is increasing each time i open a new XML file.

Is it possible to dispose the XPathDocument

It is NOT possible to somthing like this:

XPathDocument XDoc = new XPathDocument([Location]);

........ Searching in document ....


Is there a way to decrease my memory

Please help me out and ... Thank you for your time.

Re: XML and the .NET Framework XPathDocument and IDisposable

Sergey Dubinets - MSFT

The better way to write this would be:

using(XPathDocument XDoc = new XPathDocument([Location])) {

// ........ Searching in document ....

This doesn't mean that document would be collected immediately, but it would be collected next time GC happens.

You can ensure GC run by calling:


But it runs asynchronously any way so to be sure that GC finished you can call:


This wouldn't speed up your program, but sometimes is useful for perf testing.

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