Jon Stroh

I am trying to add a ODBC Paradox database to a C# winforms application as a datasource the datasource wizard returns an error occured while retieving the information from the database Selecting Objects of type 'Procedure' is not supported.

The data base does have a table in it with a column name of Procedure. In VS 2005 I had to enter the name in the brackets [procedure] in the sql for the query, but that was after the database was added to the project with the wizard. I am not sure that is what this error means, it's just a guess. Any one have any idea how I can get the ODBC Paradox database added to my project

After my two previous post's I am not sure I really like the 2008 version Smile

Thanks Jon Stroh

Re: .NET Framework Data Access and Storage ODBC database error

Hank Mulligan

I have the same problem trying to add a Quick Books ODBC database to a VB winforms app. Did you ever get an answer

Re: .NET Framework Data Access and Storage ODBC database error

Jon Stroh

Hank unfortunately no answers yet.

I have been playing around with it some more and I took this from my other post: PostID=2197048&SiteID=1

I thought this meant that the column name in one of the tables "Procedure" was not supported, but that is not the case. I removed all the database tables from the folder the connection string points to except one and that table doesn't contain a column named "Procedure and I still get the error. So I took it one step farther and then simply emptied the folder of all tables. I got the same error with an empty folder. I am getting the error with both the microsoft paradox drivers.

The strange thing is that I can connect the database in the Server Explorer in Orcas with no trouble and can view tables and data.

If I hear from the other post I will try to let you know. Since I am not the only one with the error I am sure we will hear something.

Thanks Jon