Steve Hempen

We have a machine running Windows Server 2000 SP4 with the .Net framework v. 1.1 and 2.0 installed. It is also running SQL Server 2000 and BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). BlackBerry tech support told us we need to uninstall all .Net framework versions and reinstall only v. 1.1 in order for all elements of BES to run correctly.

Will this affect the MS products on the machine If so, how can I do this reinstall safely

I posted a similar question in the SQL Server forum before I found this forum. Sorry for double posting.


Re: .NET Framework Setup Uninstalling .Net framework

Aaron Stebner

Hi Steve,

I'm not sure why this tech support team would have advised you to uninstall the .NET Framework in this scenario. The versions of the .NET Framework are designed to install and run side-by-side. Uninstalling the .NET Framework can potentially affect applications on your system if there are applications that depend on specific version(s) of the .NET Framework.

In order to safely uninstall and re-install, you can use the entries in Add/Remove Programs, or you can try the automated cleanup tool described at

Hopefully this helps.

Thanks! Aaron