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Im experiencing some, in my opinion, hard times. Ive deployed my web application to the web and when I go to it I get this error: Required permissions cannot be acquired. Se full listing below.

When a run my application locally I do not experience this problem. I know that the web server uses Medium trust so when I the add <trust level="Medium" originUrl="" /> in my web.config I get the same error localy as on the net.

Can somebody please help me with this!

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Server Error in '/' Application.

Re: .NET Base Class Library [EntLib (DAAB)] Required permissions cannot be acquired

Martin Xie - MSFT

By checking Stack Trace, the error means that Microsoft.Practices.ObjectBuilder assembly failed to be loaded, because CLR security policy was not going to grant that assembly what it had asked for in its minimum grant set. You need check its minimum request set (either by looking for .permissionset reqmin in ILDasm, or if it's a v1.1 assembly by using PermView).

It looks like your application uses reflection which requires Full Trust.

We host website with ASP.NET full trust.

<trust level="Full" originUrl="" /> ( in Web.config file)

Recommend posting such issue to, the forum where the ASP.NET experts live.

Re: .NET Base Class Library [EntLib (DAAB)] Required permissions cannot be acquired



this is problem exactely happens because of that trust level for the application permission, there are two ways for this problem while i am facing the first way is the application is not in the share point server in that case you need to place the trust level tags in the local webconfig file

the other case is where the application is deployed in the sharepoint server in this case the trust level tag should give in the parent webconfig file,

because while installint any webapplication in the share point server the application webconfig will submerged under the parent webconfig file.

the trust level tag is

<trustlevel="full" orginurl=""/>

Re: .NET Base Class Library [EntLib (DAAB)] Required permissions cannot be acquired

Martin Xie - MSFT

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