I want to know if it's acceptable to deploy the .NET 3.0 assemblies as locally referenced assemblies with an application. Since it is simply add-on libraries for .NET 2.0 this should work, correct

I am asking because my team is in an enterprise scenario where we want to use .NET 3.0 features, but the package has not been approved for user machines as a whole yet.



Re: .NET Framework Setup Deploy .NET 3.0 as local/private assemblies


Actually that is not correct because if you go to the location below in your C drive you will find a separate folder for .NET 3.0 with five sub folders, .NET 3.0 , .NET 3.0 x86, Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Presentation Foundation and Windows WorkFlow Foundation. So you see it is not an addon to .NET 2.0, it comes also with a very long separate EULA. Hope this helps.