So I have XML generated on the fly for Virtual Earth using a simple URL.

All this does is echo out the XML file (which works fine if I save it). For instance if I was to set the

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var veLayerSpec = new VEShapeSourceSpecification(VEDataType.GeoRSS, '', 'existingLayer');

Should I be doing this some other way (I would like for the XML data to be as secure as possible...

Re: On the fly XML

Derek Chan

Another way is to call a web handler page (eg: FindNearby.ashx). This would generate and spit out the feed. However ultimately anyone with enough experience with debugging could simply run firebug and monitor the responses so that's something you may want to keep in mind.

Hope that helps,

Re: On the fly XML


Echoing what Derek said, there's really not going to be a way to hide your feed from users of your site. Since the fetching of the feed is a standard fetch action.

If you're having all of your stuff (the map, too) inside a password protected area, you could consider trying a .htaccess file that you would have to get through first. Since you'd have to give it your username/password before loading the map page, the page generating your feed can (probably, I haven't tested this) be behind it as well, effectively blocking outside users.