There is a problem with the Windows Live One Care Safety Center.

There is a loop consisting in :

2. Click 'Full Service Scan' button
3. Click 'Install Now' button (modem lights flash)
4. Elevation Prompt
5. Click 'Launch Scanner' button
6. Back again to 'Install Now' button.

A lot of people can't get the scanner run.

How to fix that

Are you aware of that

The problem has been reported since 2 weeks.

Thanks for replying.


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It is a pity that nobody from the Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner Team reads our post regarding this huge problem with WLOC Scanner and they seem not to care about it..


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I have exactly the same problem and it's extremely frustrating.

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I have the same problem, tried the scanner with a fresh install of Windows Vista 32-bit but the problem is still there. Sad

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I'm in touch with someone in charge of the Windows Live OneCare Safety Center at Microsoft - Redmond.

He was not aware of the issue.

He aked to send him a few screen shows describing the trouble I am facing with, I followed step by step his recommandations to troubeshoot this problem, but I can't fix the issue.

There is a corrupted ActiveX that can't be deleted and the OneCare Safety Center is out of date.

I tried on the pc of my cousin who never installed WLOC Safety Center before and there is also a loop, impossible to launch the scanner.

The problem seems to be affected the users in Europe, but not statesite. A lot of Dutch, French and Bristish users can't use the WLOC Safety Center.

I do think that Microsoft will look into this matter deeply, as a lot of users can't use the Scanner anymore and it's been lasting for two weeks now...

Let's wait and see.


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How will Microsoft let us know when they fix it

I have been trying for weeks to get it to work and have found many forums that say there is the problem but there does not seem a way to contact Microsoft to report it

If your friend gets a solution even if it a beta one please let us know

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There is indeed a huge probem with the Windows Live OneCare Safety Center.

The ActiveX is damaged and the build is out of date. It's been lasting for 2 weeks.

I'm in touch with someone from the Windows Live OneCare Safety Center Team.

He wasn't aware of this issue.

I sent him a faw screen shots describing the issue ( ActiveX Corrupted / old build...) This issue seems to be affecting only the European users.

I tried this week-end in Paris on my cousins' laptop, he has never installled the Safety Scanner, I installed it but there was also a loop, so the problem seems to affect everybody in Europe trying to use the Scanner for Vista....

He asked me to do many things to troubleshoot the " can't launch the Scanner " issue, but there is still a loop.

I will know more about it at the end of week.

I will let you know the steps to follow to fix this issue.


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Just a Thought, maybe you could ask your contact to get the Beta Scan page for Vista Updated to say sorry

The page does not work currently expected fix date dd / mm / yyyy

thsi would save everyone who has Vista spending time following the web pages and solutions from other sources saying go to tools IE addons remove scanner etc.

Also it would benefit Microsoft to appear more caring for the Vista users

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Same stuff here.

Vista, Europe.

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Hi, have just tested on my Son's Vista premium and it works today

He had never installed it before so maybe the corruption is fixed, But maybe we need to remove something and re-install

maybe someone who has the problem could re-test as I am not at home to test myself



At home and my PC had two problems One care would not update !

solution as per the frorums uninstal and re-instal onecare

second is that safety scaner starts then has a error 0x0C600C03

WHAT is this

saying look at forums for help does not help


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At last! It seems to be working tonight.

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Indeed, the WLOC Scanner Safety seems to work again.

The issue seems to be fixed.

It is a pity that Microsoft didn't give explanations regarding the trouble that plenty of users had with their Scanner.

No communication....


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For me it almosts works but shows a problem that has been present for a long time

it now brings up the Popup says initialising then says it has problem 0X0C600C03

I have tried the complete removal by both methods to delete the base module

in the windows I had a safety scanner and when I removed from Control panel

I noticed the name was safety scannertesttesttest

anyway under downloaded programs it shows {3860DD98-0549-4D50-AA72-5D17D200EE10]

properties are shown as damaged and version 1.6.4009.1 downloaded on 15/10/2007

I have also tried using English(UK) as well as (US) all to no avail

I have also tried the CCLEANER which is also mentioned and clear histories in IE

My Pc is Vista premium and IE7

When I first started with Vista it did work but seemed to go downhill after they changed the URL for it

I have made * a trusted site as well

any suggestions would be appreciated

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Hi Kenny,

For my part, The Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner does work after being unable to run it.

Maybe, you could uninstall the Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner in the Add/Remove, delete all the files related to WLOC Safety Scanner in your HD, delete the ActiveX in the registry, get the Clean Up tool run, run CCcleaner, reboot your pc and go to and Have a try to see if the issue is fixed.

Good luck,


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I have done everything apart from trying to delete the activex in the registry

I was going to look for the {3860dd98...EE10} entry )after saving the registry and taking a restore point

and try to delete it.

If I remember the first time you run it it downloads 8-10 modules for the scanner.

I was attempting to force that re-load but could not find confirmation if that took place.

.. ken