Vince Gatto

I'm having no luck accessing the v3 WSDLs. I just get 404. Have these been moved or replaced I tried to access it from two different nameservers, and the results are the same, so I don't think its a networking issue. Here's the url I am trying: wsdl

Re: WSDLs 404?

Walter Poupore - MSFT


We had a scheduled upgrade for the 3.71 release. The upgrade is complete and the V3 and V4 WSDLs are now working in production.

V4 has not yet been released to sandbox. We expect that to occur later this week.

Please ensure that support has your e-mail address, so that you receive future e-mails about upgrades.

Thank you.

Walter Poupore

Microsoft adCenter

Lead Programming Writer

Re: WSDLs 404?



I try to read the blog as often as I can and as far as I remember, I haven't read anything regarding the migration until... the 29th of April.

The new features are a real improvement (pulling a report is now pretty much the same as with the google API) but it would be great if we could be aware of changes a little bit sooner (the support has my email address but I haven't been noticed).