Why when I preview or view my carousel mashup I see on top the code called by the carousel

"carousel: Calling addImage("/PublicServices/ImageProxy.aspx url=http.........."


<iframe style='width:100%; height:100%;' src='' frameborder='no'></iframe>


If someone already had this problem please let me know How can I hide this code


Re: Mashup - Carousel/Code display


Howdy Regis,

I'm not on the Popfly team but maybe I can help...

I just ripped your mashup, saved it, ran it, and didn't get the code you are seeing. However, if I run YOUR mashup, I do see the code. Very strange.

1) Does it look okay when you use Preview mode

If yes ... Do you have / have you entered a Flickr Developer Key

2) Have you tried re-saving (Save As) your mashup with a different name Maybe it got written incorrectly to the server

3) Do you see code when using something other than Carousel, like PhotoStack or PhotoTiles

Hope this helps, but if not, the Popfly team should be back on Monday.

Re: Mashup - Carousel/Code display

RealHeartMozart [msft]

Hi Regis,

This message is the normal status message that updates while mashups are running. However the message is quickly overwritten by display blocks like Carousel, which makes it a little confusing...

carousel: Calling addImage("/PublicServices/ImageProxy.aspx url=http.........."

I'm checking with our team to see what exactly is the expected behavior for this message. My understanding from your request is that you'd like a way to hide it, correct



Re: Mashup - Carousel/Code display

RealHeartMozart [msft]

We discussed this on our team and are planning to work along the following line. Let me know if you have feedback. Smile

At runtime there is a status message displayed at the top of the mashup area that shows first


and then messages like

carousel: Calling addImage("/PublicServices/ImageProxy.aspx url=http.........."

The messages like the one above are ugly at Runtime.

At runtime, instead of the detailed messages, please show Loading.. and add one more dot each time something additional gets loaded instead of showing the details.

The reason for the Loading... message is to show that something is happening before any results are displayed, which can potentially take a long time for a large data retrieval.

At Design / Preview time continue to show the detailed message.