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I am re-developing my routing tool to incorporate the multi-point routing that VE6 provides. However, I've noticed that the total driving time is no longer returned (or at least, according to the SDK anyway).

Is this intentional, or is the property simply undocumented If it's intentional, why And is there any plans to return this function, as I know most of my users who use my routing tool actually refer to the driving time, and find it a very useful piece of data. If I re-develop my application to give them multi-point routes, they won't be too happy that drive time is no longer there!!

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Re: GetDirections() lacks driving time?


*bump* anyone this is really important. any ideas

Re: GetDirections() lacks driving time?


Hello Dan,

the old VERoute class has been deprecated (VERouteDeprecated) and so happened to the VERouteItinerary class and to VERouteItineraryItem which was the class containing the Time property you refer to.
The new VERoute class contains an array of VERouteLeg objects. A VERouteLeg object contains a VERouteItinerary object which is an array of VERouteItineraryItem objects which do not have a Time property.
Unless it is somewhere else, it doesn't seem to be there. Sad


Re: GetDirections() lacks driving time?

Derrick (MSFT)

The new GetDirections method is missing the Time parameter. We're looking at this issue now.

For the moment, please use the GetRoute call instead. Thanks.