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I was thinking of making a feedback form or like data driven form which will drive customers data from my webpage towards my email "like frontpage feedback form OR asp / web pages",
But for these forms we need scripting language, do we have other way to generate those form in popfly and make them available for our user.

Re: How to create "Date-Driven" forms


Popfly uses client side javascript and can't really handle to the processing of forms, it could but it would be a tricky solution. The website desinger in Popfly is meant to create simple webpages rather than more advanced sites that want to make use of forms or server side processing. As you said you just want to send email that is all client side, but we still don't have a design surface or anything to help you build forms.

For more info on using forms to send emails Microsoft has a KB article at: and of course there is plenty of other sites out there with usefull info.