I'm using

for geo-coding,

Now i'm getting an error page which says

Live Search Maps

The server is temporarily unavailable. Try again later.

Does anyone know when it will up and running...

Or did they give any other Url

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Microsoft are preparing / releasing the new version of Virtual Earth at the moment so I expect alot of things may change or be temporailiry unavailable. Give it a day or two or use the Google Maps officially supported geocoder.

Brian Norman

Re: problem With GeoCoding


Thanks ...

From where i can get the update when server Is UP and Running.

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Re: problem With GeoCoding


The issue you are having is that your referencing the This is an undocumented/unspported way of using the mapcontrol. A temperatry fix to your problem is the use the following URL instead of With this said what you should be doing is developing againts the Virtual Earth Mapcontrol, not the urls.