Windows Vista speech recognition doesn't work with live messenger.
It writes numbers when I say them individually but it won't write a single word.

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Yes I've noticed the same thing, do you think Microsoft is working on this. I find the speech recognition very useful. I would love to be able to use it in messenger.

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Rob Chambers

This is a known issue with Live Messenger.

You can, however, work around this limitation by enabling a feature included in Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) by following these easy steps:

  • Say, "Show Speech Options"
  • Say, "Options"
  • Say, "Enable dictation everywhere"

WIth the "Enable dictation everywhere" feature enabled, when you try to speak text into an "unsupported" application, you will be given the chance to correct the text before the text is inserted into the application using the standard correction facilities.

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Re: Live messenger bug


Is this a bug, or was it left on purpose
Does anyone know will it be changed sometimes in future Speech recognition would be very nice feature.

"Dictation everywhere" isn't very useful since user has to validate absolutely everything...