I have some compatibility issues.

i have my culture settings set to german(coz i am german),

if i create a pushpin via new VELatLong(52.5,9.5) its no problem to show the pin in 2D mode,

coz the 2d api always wants 52.5 no matter what locale i have set(in german culture settings 52,5 is correct),

but the 3d control takes care of, so if i set my locale to german, it recognizes 52.5 as 52 million and 500000,

and hangs.

I thought everything was tested to support multiple locals, but bummer, its not yet.

Re: 3d Control compatibility


Not sure how actively Microsoft VE developers monitors this forum. You will probably get better results with making developers aware of bugs by using the actual dev site for feedback.

There is a link at the way bottom with an e-mail address to send feedback directly. Does not appear to have anything setup in MS Connect however.


Re: 3d Control compatibility


We have had really good responces form the VE devs on this forum including those from the 3D world. I think it is what has made this forum work. Although we haven't heard from Caleb in a while, I can only guess he his on a well deserved break or working busy on something else.

It would be interesting to know what happens to those emails, I wouldn't want the job of answering them. I strongly believe that a forum where other can try to help you out and where the devs can answer your questions openly is far superior to sending an email into the great abyss.


Re: 3d Control compatibility



my brain just turned on,

so i can answer my question myself, the problem arises, if i pass string values to new VELatLong(lat,lon);

if i do a new VELatLong(parseFloat(lat),parseFloat(lon)); all works fine.

Thx Jeff, you are teh best ;)