Windows Live Messenger 8.1 has a bug. Whenever i accept someones webcam invitation it doesn't show me the person webcam picture,,,msn says that i connection established, but the webcam window just shows the connecting picture.
WLM 8.0 solves the problem,,,,so maybe the developers could start dealing with that problem ( i think wide spread problem )
so one could see webcam picture with WLM 8.1

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i have exactly the same problem! cant figure out why Tongue Tied

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Abbas Ali

I am having same problem! Sad

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Same problem here. Was OK with 8.0 version.

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Yeah,, that seems a common problem in 8.1
anywayz,, verion 8.0 works fine.

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Yep Same Microsoft Problem

Are they even listening

Microsoft @#$!$%^!(@!!