Is it possible to get the live search to search a specified site rather than the entire web (similar to how google custom search can search a specified site) If so how would I go about getting it to search a specified site

Re: customizing live search

Nate Buggia - MSFT

Yes, you can use the "site: command" to achieve this. For example, if you wanted to create a search engine to search just a couple sites on ASP.Net, you might use this query:

(site:msdn.microsoft.com OR site:asp.net OR site:gotdotnet.com)

Simply append this to the end of you query and you should be good to go. You can find the complete reference here: http://search.live.com/docs/help.aspx t=SEARCH_REF_AdvSrchOperators.htm

I would also recomend using the Live Search Interactive SDK to get experiment with the feature and get code samples: http://dev.live.com/livesearch/sdk