Ever since I installed Windows Live Messenger Beta 8.5, and ever since I think I installed Java Update 6,

WLM 8.5 constantly freezes. Its kind of like not responding for say 5 seconds, or sometimes longer, and then

it springs back to life and goes back to normal.

I type and all of a sudden the words stop, but if I keep typing, 10 seconds later all the words come up in one go.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled so many times, I have reverted back to MSN version 7.5, etc and earlier versions,

I have tried uninstalling Java, using different versions of Java, not running any Java whatsoever.

But it seems to keep giving me these random freezes / temporary lock ups no matter what I do.

Any ideas of what is causing this and what my solution is No other program does this at all, not Yahoo Messenger or anything.

My Computer specs are :

CPU : Intel(R) Core(TM)2 6420 @ 2.13GHz 3.20 GHz ( overclocked to 3.2 GHz )


VIDEO CARD : NVIDIA Sparkle 8800 GTS 640 MB

MEMORY : Apacer 2 x 1 GB ( 2 BG total )



Here is a list of all the things I currently have installed :

- Ad-Aware SE Personal

- ATITool Overclocking Utility

- AVG 7.5

- Bioshock

- Download Accelerator Plus

- DVBPortal HDTVPump Filter and Plugin

- Enemy Territory - QUAKE Wars(TM) Demo

- Gigabyte Raid Configurer

- Half Life 2

- Halfe Life 2 - Deathmatch

- Half Life 2 : Episode One

- Half Life 2 : Lost Coast

- High Definition Audio Driver Package - KB888111

- K-Lite Coedc Pack 3.4.0 Full

- LimeWire 4.14.8

- Logitech DEsktop Messenger

- Logitech QuickCam Software

- Logitech Camera Driver

- Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007

- Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable

- mIRC

- Nero 7 Essentials

- Nvidia Drivers

- PerfectDisk

- Quake III Arena

- Quake III Arena Point Release 1.32

- REALTEK Gbe & FE Ethernet PCI-E NIC Driver

- Realtek High Definition Audio Driver

- Risen3D version 2.1.0

- SolSuite 2007 v7.7

- Source SDK Base

- Steam

- Warcraft III: All Products

- Winamp ( remove Only )

- Windows Installer 3.1 (KB893803)

- Windows Internet Explorer 7

- Windows Live Messenger

- WinRAR archiver

- Yahoo! Messenger

Re: Windows Live Messenger Freezes Every so often


Dude i have this same exact problem ive tried reinstalling to. I dont know what it is. I dont have any of the same stuff you do other then mabey video drivers. If anyone might know a soultion to this that would be amazing, its so annoying.


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It's a joke, I have the same problem. EVERYTHING else runs perfectly, your post was made on the 12th of september yet they still havn't fixed the problem, maybe I'll just stop using their program it's a joke this freezing, really.

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I have the same problem, I am just shocked nobody at MS has sorted this out.

Friends had to start using trilliane because of this issue, and I'm close to. Not only does it freeze up, it occasionally crashes my computer when multiple users are using the machine, which gets very, very, very annoying.

I have noticed when transferring emoticons, audio, or initiating any sort of connection, it locks up ! How hard can it be to fix How hard is it for an application to send a tiny animated .gif

Anyway, it is proposterous that this bug has been allowed to continue. Get MSN working !!!!!!!!!!

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I have also had this problem. But it started even before 8.5 for me. I believe it started at 8.0 beta. But it has only steadily gotten worse. I reformated my computer at one point and the problem was still happening. Another thing I noticed is that when I use my 'lifecam vx3000' and try to click a link in the window it's totally freezes up WLM so that I have to restart. I can't even end WLM through task manager. And the lifecam doesn't always start up. Sometimes it locks up WLM just while it's starting up. It works in skype. The only other program I really have problems with freezing on this computer is the lifecam program. It takes forever to start up, just like WLM.

However all these problems with WLM freezing every few seconds happened even before I had a webcam.

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I also have the same problem and I have never used Beta software. The similarity I see is that I bought a Life Cam and installed a Java update around the same time the periodic freeze began to happen. I too have removed both of these using a Restore Point. I even updated to WLM 8.5 and the freezing continues. It hangs during receipt of a users message to my machine I think. For about 5 seconds I can do nothing and eventually I get their message and mine is sent.

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Sounds like maybe I am experiencing something different, but still seems applicable to this thread.

Windows Live Messenger freezes completely on me pretty much every day, and sometimes several times a day. But it does not come unfrozen. Just locks up completely and the main messenger window goes white and has Not Responding in the title.

This has never happened to me while using messenger, it always happens when messenger is idle. I'll leave my computer for a while, and when I come back I notice that Messenger is just stalled completely.

This is really annoying and has been happening ever since I upgraded to Live, many months ago. Completely program freezes and lockups should be a thing of the past. Hard to believe that the biggest and most powerful software company still puts *** like this out. But, I guess what can one expect from free software I'd be happy to pay for it if that would guarantee that MS would actually put out a quality product.

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I'm having all the same problems. Does anyone have a clue how to fix it

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Hey guys,

windows live messenger does not do that for me anymore.

I believe that it is because I had my CPU and Video Card overclocked!!

I underclocked my CPU a bit, and I completely turned back the Video Card settings to default.

I'm not sure if it is either the CPU overclocking that does it, or the Video Card over clocking, or

a mixture of the two!

Have you guys overclocked either your CPU or Video Card

Because it seems that that was why it was doing it for me.

All I did was underclock the CPU and videocard, and it seemed to work fine.

Good Luck guys, I know exactly how frustrating that can be ~


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I've discovered the cause of this problem!!

My firewall (PC tools Firewall Plus) has a history page that shows blocked communications. Coinciding with the freezes in MSN, there is a port access thats being blocked. Port 1900.

Once i added a rule to allow comms to that port, the freezes stopped!

Good luck getting this done on your computer!

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Well, I don't overclock, and the only firewall I have is the windows firewall, which already has an exception in it for messenger.

Still, messenger becomes unresponsive at least once a day, and always this happens when it is not being used, so I have no clue as to exactly what else is going on at the moment that it becomes unresponsive.


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It seems Messenger may be blocking while attempting to discover up-stream gateway devices via SSDP / UPnP. Please read this article for a suggestion on disabling this service scid=kb;en-us;q317843

or optionally maybe you can add port 1900 UDP traffic to your firewall.

Hope this helps - I added port 1900 and it seems to have corrected the issue. If later I find it did not correct it I will attempt to disable discovery in messenger using the registry change specified in the MS KB article.

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Hey guess wat I'm avin the same problem and ive tried all ur soloutions and they didnt work and i tried using msn 7.5 but it said i had to get the newer version of msn!

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dark voice8

I know the problem and i know how to fix it the reason it freezes in the middle of you typing is because your computer does a refresh check ever 5 min wich means your computer checks what it is doing every 5 min and if you are typing during that check it freezes till the check is over

that is one explanation the other one is

you are typing too fast for the computer to tell what you are typing to it needs a few seconds to catch up.

if slowing down your typing doesn't help then all you have to do is disk defragment every 5 days and clear your cookies and browsing history so your computer runs smoother the problem shouldn't happen if you do that

but it all depends on your computer

hope this helps

Rogue (

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Omg. That is hilarious. Yeah guys, just stop typing so fast. Jeeze. Also... a refresh check Really You've got to be kidding me. Did you just make that up or do you really think that happens

That was probably the most uninformed, misleading, confused and useless "answers" I have ever seen! LOL.