Julien Dephix

Hi there,

I have programmed in C++ before and wanted to refresh all this by creating an add-in for Live Messenger. I downloaded Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition and started following this tutorial which uses Visual Studio and modified the registry so Live Messenger is ready to run add-ins.

However, when I choose Class library from the New Project window, I end up with a bunch of .h and .cpp files and no .cs as shown in the tutorial.
I can't find the Assembly name anywhere either. Is this a limitation of VC++ Express

I decided it wouldn't be a big deal (yeah, bad attitude Smile ) so I went ahead, added a reference to MessengerClient.dll and added more code to MyAddin.h but I can't get the program to compile (same thing happens when I add it to MyAddin.cpp). It just throws the following error:

syntax error : missing ';' before '.'
at line:
using Microsoft.Messenger;

I am a bit lost here as to what IDE I should use and how to get started on this! Can I develop add-ins with VC++2005 Express Edition

Any help much appreciated.

Thanks a bunch!

Re: Creating add-in with Visual C++ 2005 Express: possible?


Hi Julien.

That tutorial is written for the C# language, not C++.

So you can either download Visual C# Express or translate that tutorial from C# to C++.

Since you are familiar with C++, you will probably have no problems adjusting to C#.


Re: Creating add-in with Visual C++ 2005 Express: possible?

Julien Dephix

Argh! I didn't pay attention to the language (I seriously need to freshen up n C++/C#!!!).
My bad.

Onto the code now. Smile

Thanks Magnus!