How can i hide the source of my Javascript for VE, i know i can call from external script but then still viewable to people who know how.

Ive seen mashups that you cannot grab JS source and wondered how it was done as this is a step we need to undertake on our project.

Thanks in advanced.

Re: Hiding Javascript Code?


Javascript is executed on the client so with the right tools no matter what you do it can be "grabbed".

Personally I use a javascript optomiser that removes all my nice comments and all the unnessary characters and whitespace. This also makes the file significantly smaller and therefore the site is faster. I find that without comments most code is useless to the type of people that would be stealing it, those that can understand it could either have written it themselves or reversed anything further you plan to do to stop them anyway.

If you want to go to extremes have a look at javascript obfuscators. I find they are too much work and make any form of debugging impossible, the simplist form replaces all your varibles and function names with a couple of letters, again making your js smaller and even more impossible to read.


Re: Hiding Javascript Code?

Derek Chan

Take a look at this example from weather.com:

http://www.weather.com/weather/map/interactive/USCA0987 from=36hour_map_large&zoom=7&interactiveMapLayer=radar

Above link is another way to do it:  Embedding the control using Flash or some other player that prevents a view source over the code which makes it much harder to view the source