I am not seeing any way to pause a campaign. Also it does not appear there is any way to know the current status of a campaign. Is this functionality somewhere in the API

Re: No way to pause a campaign?

Shai Kariv - MSFT

Pause/resume functionality is currently available only at the individual order level, via the PauseResumeOrder API (which is a bulk API, despite the misleading singular name).

Therefore, campaigns do not have a pause/resume "status" associated with them, that you could get or set.

Orders do.

Re: No way to pause a campaign?


Since you can pause, resume, and delete Campaigns in the UI, are there any plans to add this to the API

Re: No way to pause a campaign?

Shai Kariv - MSFT


It's coming.

I'd be interested in hearing more from folks on this forum, what additional API features are desired, including gaps between API and UI functionality. I have a list but I'd like to hear what's on your mind, in priority order ...



Re: No way to pause a campaign?



-Status for all objects (account/campaign/group/creative/keyword).
Do it like SNMP: administrative status (what the user wants) and operational
status (what the system says)

-Remove the submission step. Or add an autoSubmit flag in the order definition.
And definitely remove the dependencies between order start date and submission

-Partial updates: why do we have to provide the order start date when modifying
some targeting attributes

-Api for content match

-Remove the distribution site concept. If you need that, keep it as a targeting option
that can be updated when needed.And make it a list of sites, not just one.

-Documentation: any format is OK as long as you provide a precise list of changes.
Change bars (a la msword) are really good.

And my number one wish:
Get together with the adwords and panama designers and build us a common model/API.

Re: No way to pause a campaign?

Shai Kariv - MSFT

Thanks Henry, I appreciate that.