Oleg Ignatov

Hello, All!
I have got a count of pushpins on my map. After user zooms out the map pushpins must be grouped.
For example, we have 10 pushpins which locates near each other. Then user pushs on the 'zoom out' button. After it these 10 pushpins merges at one.
Other example, we have 1 pushpin. then user pushs on the 'zoom in' button. After it this pushpin divides on several other pushpins.
How can I resolve this problem
What must I use to achieve it

Re: Grouping of pushpins and vice versa


you need clustering and proper LOADERS for large pin data sets.

MS API seems to have absolutely nothing of real world use let alone stuff to assemble things out of.

the MS Layer facility neither has automatic clustering

not lazy loads of data, as a result the piece of ***** tried to load in our app 10000 of pins resulting in browser crash.

We have to write our own stuff. I hate having to reinvent the wheel. Only benefit the VE has is maps cover more and in more detail it seems that their competitors. Other than that I am personally upset as I have to wrote both clustering and lazy loaders to get our app working and scaling.

I hope MS is listening as I do all I can before we dump their tech and I will have to use what I hate G's solutions

Re: Grouping of pushpins and vice versa

Derek Chan

Your going to need this article to do clustering:


Attach the onendzoom event on the map to do a radius search with your pins and cluster them up if any of them are within the radius. 

Re: Grouping of pushpins and vice versa


See the clustering in action at: