Example - I have two separate delivery tickets with different data (info box) but going to the same lat/lon - what would be the best way to plot both of these delivery tickets to the same lat/lon on the map and still be able to see both push pins Right now they plot over top of each other and I am unable to see the information box from the bottom one. Would I have to place all the data in one info box so when a user hovers over the pushpin the data for both delivery tickets is displayed even though you can only one pushpin is visible Or would I have to make the shapes of my pushpins smaller Or



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The simpliest way to solve is as you said, to cluster the tickets into one icon (show a 'multiple ticket' icon) and have a infobox with the details of both, or with the first tickets details and a way to navigate to the others.

I have had a similar issue in the past and the solution was to loop through all existing pins when adding a new one to see if there are any overlaps and to move the overlapping pin to the side of the existing pin (by the ammount of width of the icon). However this also needed to be done every time you zoom the map in / out so that the pins sat next to each other nicely and was not easy to do and I only had two pins to worry about.

I would go for the clustering version by preference and look at Johns article:


Brian Norman


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Yeah I agree with Brian, if there is a only a few pushpins then do it in javascript, if you have thousands take a look at server side clustering, the latest version of the article is for V6 of Virtual Earth:


I also did a project once where we swaped out pushpins for polylines, using the icon from the polyline as the pushpin and drawing a line from it to the actual position avoiding any overlaps - I think the concept is called "pin on a stick".


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THANKS Brian & John for your help with this!!