The main window of MSN messenger, have a list of contact. Usually beside the every list of contact have the contact's small size of display picture. But the msn live messenger of my computer does not show this but only have a green figure. I could see the contact picture at contact card and while chating, but the thumbnail do not show. How to solve this problem

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i have this problem too. can anyone answer this question

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Me too, I am pretty disappointed to have software unknowingly installed which has reduced functionality

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I have the same problem.... no solution

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Click the double green arrow to the right of "Find a contact or number..." and choose "Show Details" from that menu.

To get smaller thumbnails, read this page:

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Federico Raggi - MSFT

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That killed my problem....Very simpel solution ! ...TX !

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Hey Guys
i have the newest version of Msn Live messenger

the other day
i changed my buddy icon list ot LARGE Thumbnails

i want to change it back
but for some reason
i can't find where to do this

i wanna change it back to the SMALL THUMBNAILS

do u know where i can do this
please email me if u know how to do this


thanks alot