jason fordyce

Is there a way to feed route markers into VE's routing methods to have it show the blue route line that actually follows the road instead of a straight polyline between points


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I assume you mean way points in a route or what's called multi-point routing

VE at this time doesn't support this, you can only specifiy a start and end and show one route at a time.

It is a much requested feature and we are told that it will be comming to the control in the future.


Re: Route Blue Line - Custom

jason fordyce

I'm sorry I was not clear before.

What I want to be able to do is trigger the ability to draw the line that actually follows the road by giving it a bunch of points of say a vehicle on the road, rather than using a polyline that draws straight lines between pins etc.

And yes, I believe multipoint routing would allow me to get there by a non-direct method, I was hoping for a way to do it directly through the API, so its not a route at all just a "trail"

Re: Route Blue Line - Custom

Derek Chan

What your looking to do really isn't supported by the API as there's a special route engine when VEMap.GetRoute() is called that draws the route into a gigantic shape (that's all in one <div> tag) so even in the back end it's not really using the API methods to draw it.