Yuki Chen

Hello All,

I'm currently using find() to do business search .. I'm not sure how it works ... eg .. I did a search "cafe".. it didn't come out with anything .. and then I seached "coffee" .. it comes up with some cafe..

so what is it acctualy searching for

is there a way I can choose to search for either business name or business type



Re: find business name and type

Derek Chan

The "find" is very generic, very similar to the "find" using the Mappoint Web Service.

As for how the search actually works, I do know that it goes through a set of internal datasources to find the result. Likely the reason "coffee" works is because theres a "coffee" datasource, mainly for testing purposes. If you ever used Mappoint Web Service demos, you'll notice that you can find an entitytype known as "coffeeshops" something to that degree.

However there is no documentation as to exactly what is available to search for in the "what" parameter in making find calls yet

Re: find business name and type

Yuki Chen

Thanks Derek,

Can I specify to search for business category or business name . or it's just taking what ever in the database which matches the keyword