Hello.I will be very simply- form few days I learn virtualearth and this is really great and new platform, but the articles and faq resurces is very tight.I build my own map, with 30 pushpins, BUT how I can realize that- I have a site with real-estate offers, evry user can to select where is the proprety in the map- in asp this is easy http://www.lookupandsmile.com.au/what_map.aspx

you have a tool similar scratchpad in map.live.com but HOW I can get the lan/lat data with php

What I process- I try that- use one circle.gif for dragable element, use that http://www.svrsig.org/cgi-bin/gemap.cgi I try to insert the data in input boxes, and in mouse event mouseup ( drop the circle ) send the form to any php...

Ehhh I know- you no like the newbies, but if anyone can give me right sollution- simply I have to get the position data thats it- I read abolutlu all in sdk, all in wiki and articles- may be this is a hoax, but I thing this is possible- to write data from the virtualearth in my mysql.

Thanks in advance... but I am in despair- my current method with dragable image is very hard...

Re: in asp is easy but php can give you hardwork..


The great thing about Virtual Earth is it can be used with any web programming language.

For lookupandsmile we made a simply button that did two things in javascript:

1) changed the mouse cursor to a crosshair:

document.getElementById("mymap").childNodes[0].style.cursor = "crosshair";

2) attached an event to the map onclick event:

map.AttachEvent("onclick", onclick);

function onclick(e)


//do your logic here

// use:

// e.view.LatLong.Latitude

// e.view.LatLong.Longitude



Re: in asp is easy but php can give you hardwork..


Code Snippet
function MouseClick(e)

var pin = new VEPushpin(1,
new VELatLong(e.view.LatLong.Latitude, e.view.LatLong.Longitude),
'My Data<br><form method=POST action=get.php target=_blank><input type=text size=20 name=long value='+ e.view.latlong.longitude +'><input type=text size=20 name=lat value='+e.view.LatLong.Latitude+'><br>Thanks to John<br><input type=submit value=Submit></form>'


GOD bless you!!!!