Woon Cherk

i'm trying to implement geotagging on my website that allow my blog reader to add themself to the map using pushpin.

under my map i've several field for the users to key in their details then upon clicking the "add" button... their details will be appended to a georss xml file... and this step works fine as the details can be appended without problem...

but when the page refreshes after my user hav clicked the "add" button... the details added are not shown... and even click "refresh" on IE wont help... all i got to do to get the newly added details shown is to close the current IE and re-request the page in a new IE... then all the pushpins(including the last pushpin added) can be shown...

y is this problem occuring am i doing anything wrong

Re: Pushpin Layer not updated


Sounds like the geoRSS file is being cached by the browser. To confirm, try a Ctrl-F5 refresh or delete your temp internet files.

If it is that you need to search for how to stop in from being cached.


Re: Pushpin Layer not updated

Woon Cherk

well... i've run a test according to what u've said...

firstly, i clean the temporary internet files... then... i clear all the information in my georss file... then i opened my page... and as usual( since the rss file has no information)... the pushpin is not loaded...

then i added a georss point on the map... and add it to my goerss file... and the pushpin layer is not shown as how i've described in my previous post...

so i checked the georss file in the temporary internet files folder... and guess what the information i added is in the file... that means the file is updated... but the map didn't load the latest, updated file... it still load the previous one...

and i tried pressing Ctrl + F5... still the same...

so what do you think

Re: Pushpin Layer not updated

Derek Chan

Could be the old session being kept alive

Re: Pushpin Layer not updated

Caleb T - MSFT

It definitely looks like a caching issue; I've seen IE "cache" XML files in a strange way like this, even when the temporary internet files are cleared/updated. I don't know a way around that, but I would suggest trying this: delete your VEMap object, recreate it, and reload the GeoRSS file at that point. I'm not sure it will work, but it's the best suggestion I can come up with at the moment.

Re: Pushpin Layer not updated

Woon Cherk

i've tried deleting VEMap object... but it didn't help also... sigh...

i'm really lost... now... :(

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I am having the same exact problem. This issues actually stalled my application.

The VELayers are useless with xml loading this way. This is a SHOW STOPPER for VE Maps I think.

I mean ...deleting the entire VEMap object is unacceptable since I have a load of other things on the VEMap.

User experience would be DISASTROUS let alone refresh would be make people upset. This is Web 2.0 AJAX!

I am trying to force the expected reloading of GeoRss so that no caching occurs by removing and adding the

layer again making sure that when adding the layer the xml source has a random key as below so that it is effectively a new layer. So far it is not working

AddMyLayer('myPinNameAndID','http://xxxxxxxx.com/GeoRss/company.xml', 'http://xxxxxxx.com/XWeb/IMGC/company.gif');

function AddMyLayer(layerid, layerSource, iconUrl)



var veLayerSpec = new VELayerSpecification();

veLayerSpec.Type = VELayerType.GeoRSS;


veLayerSpec.ID = layerid;

veLayerSpec.LayerSource = layerSource+" RandomKey="+Math.random()* Date.parse(new Date());

veLayerSpec.Method = 'get';

veLayerSpec.FnCallback = onFeedLoad;




I think MS guys should address this issues ASAP as this is a serious layer bug in my view ....

I am close to implementing my own layer API.

Re: Pushpin Layer not updated

Woon Cherk

in fact i've solved my problem...

in you are interested... you can read my blog entry here.

i dun know whether it helps in your case... but it works fine on my application...

Re: Pushpin Layer not updated


Was it the Session / Random Key that made it work

I am trying to trace what it is that really makes the difference.

I am testing both in FFs and IEs

Re: Pushpin Layer not updated

Woon Cherk

it's just a random query string added so as to fool the browser... when the query string changes... the browser will think the file itself has change... and re-request the file...

anyway... my example doesn't work on firefox... if you can make it run on FF... please kindly share with me also... haha...

Re: Pushpin Layer not updated


I got it work with FF 2.0.xxx. No changes just made sure the Random key is in effect. Instead of hiding/showing layers I delete/create them they all shows OK. Only issue is the automatic map PANNING/REPSOITIONING after the creation of a layer that strives to fit all points on the map to provide visibility to all is horrible. I tried to save map center and zoom prior to adding layer then in onFeedLoad method to reposition it back but this sucks. I wish the OnFeedLoad methind could return null or false ans thus prevent the automatic repositioning.

Re: Pushpin Layer not updated


Does anyone know how to avoid the repositioning/repanning the map after adding a layer

I know I can try to reosition it back in the OnFeedLoad mething attached to the layer but this creates huge confusion for


This is a MJOR scalability issue..users cannot be subject to constant repsoitioning/repanning of the map after updating layers.

I want to update/add/remove layers/reload WITHOUT users having the maps pan automatically on them...

any help