Hi All

If there is an URL in the incoming messages edit control, it will be underlined and have distinctive colored font. So when the user double clicks on it - an IE will be opened with the URL from the message to be loaded...

I'd like to be able to describe a text portions in the message - and when user double clicks on them - be able to perform some actions based on that text.

I am not sure if this functionality is available from Activity and Add-in APIs...

Any body knows any thing about this



Re: Need to have a similar to "double clicking on URL and opening a IE" functionality for my specially marked portions of text.

Jeroen Bransen - J-Thread

If I remember it correct, the "not underlining of url's send by add-ins" is actually a safety thing. If it would be possible, people could write add-ins that would spam other people and they would click the link etc. So I am quite sure this is not possible due to security.