lil romeo

It seems that a lot of the look and feel aspects of VE can be controlled through CSS styling... Is there a place where I can find what can and cannot be controlled through CSS

Re: CSS Tags

Derek Chan

well theres no comprehensive listing of what can or cannot be hacked.  Also to note is that I would say that ripping out the Microsoft virtual earth logo is a big nono (I've seen it happen) but the rest is okay.  From what I understand almost anything can be done to your liking in terms of style through CSS so its a matter of what you exactly want done.  It would be simpler to post what you need here and somebody can try to help you out

Re: CSS Tags


Yeah read the terms of use. Clearly you can't hide or obscure the copyright and virtual earth links but everything is in the CSS except the tiles themselves from memory have no class attached.

Best to use the web dev toolbar in FF to look at the CSS, the only issue you can face is getting your css to appear after the VE css in FF.

All I can say is test, test, test!important