Hi ppl,

b4 I begin... GREAT WORK! Stick out tongue

Ok.. now that I've done some boot licking...

1. Can someone make a portrait (sp ack! I can't spell!) photostack

2. Retrieving photos from Flickr should retain its original order no Especially the retrieve PHOTO SET option. Since when we upload as a SET, we are able to order the pictures. Currently, it's LAST IN FIRST OUT. Not good when I am telling a story. Stick out tongue (Showing the ENDING in the 1st slide is NOT the way to go...)

Right now... I am reversing the i value from 0 to data["flickr"].length .... so FAR so good.. but knowing my coding "skills" its a disaster waiting to happen... so would be good if someone PRO could do a proper block to address this. Thanks in advance!

3. Lastly... I know... I am lazy... this SHOULD be documented somewhere but I was hoping someone is in a generous mood and wouldn't mind explaining to me what does ADD ANNOTATION do...

Hrmm... that's about it for now. Thanks again.

glowie the noob... obviously.

Re: Portrait PhotoStack? Retrieving from Flickr in order?



In answer to your questions:

1) We can look into Wink No promises though.

2) Ah the easiest way to solve this problem for now is to write a block that reverses the order of items. It's probably the photo stack block. As every photo is added to it one at a time so the first flickr photo is added and then the next one so the first one is moved behind the new one and so on untill the last flickr photo is the first photo in the stack.

3) Add annotation allowed you to draw on your mashup, using the Inking support in Silverlight. Unfortunately we will be removing this feature in the future as it's proven to be too error prone and not many people seemed to want it,

Re: Portrait PhotoStack? Retrieving from Flickr in order?


Thanks! btw... If you guys are gonna work on a portrait photostack... possible to add configurible width & height Sorry if I'm asking too much. Its just a nice to have in case our images are not standard photo sizes.

Thank you for your time.