Hi All,

Not sure if anyone else has seen this. I've got IE7 running on a brand new machine (version 7.0.5730.11) and I've installed Windows Live Toolbar as I've had it installed on previous machines. However, whenever the Windows Live Toolbar is active and visible, if I click to open a new tab in IE7, it crashes.

Any ideas anyone It's pretty annoying, and the Yahoo Toolbar that's also installed causes no problems.

Cheers for any assistance

Re: IE7 Crashing because of Windows Live Toolbar


I have more or less the same problem on a new fresh intalled machine.

The only workaround that helped me was to leave the default home page blank, any other page was causing IE7 to crash!

You can also try to disable the toolbar's helper on the "manage add-ons" option of the IE7, though the toolbar will work at half of its funcionality.

Anyway normally we shouldn't get these problems, I mean it works fine on so many other machines!

Re: IE7 Crashing because of Windows Live Toolbar


I was having a similar problem. When I would close IE, it would crash everytime. I disabled Smart Menus in the Live Toolbar options and the problem went away. I'm using IE7 with Live Toolbar on Vista RTM Ultimate Edition.

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I'm having issues with the toolbar as well. Here is a list of the problems I'm having.

1. Opening a new window, the new windows moves to some location off the main desktop requiring that I move it.
2. Opening a new tab, the window moves from where it is.
3. Trying to close a window and/or tab results in the browser going non-responsive.
4. Playing videos from sites like causes the windows to freeze up.

When I turn off the Windows Live Tool bar, none of these problems happen. I also noted the response time it faster without the Tool Bar active. Yahoo and Comcast Toolbars do not cause any issues with IE7.


Re: IE7 Crashing because of Windows Live Toolbar


I'm experiencing one of the same problems. When I have Windows Live Toolbar enabled, and I have several tabs open, the browser crashes when I try to close a tab. If I disable the toolbar, everything works fine.

It's annoying.

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Same problem here...I disabled the "LIve Toolbar Helper" Add-on, which stabilized the system, but I couldn't use Form Fill...which is the only thing I rely on :-)

I've disabled Smart Menus, so we'll see if that works.

Pretty frustrating.

I'm on a clean install of Ultimate w/IE7. Ugh.

Re: IE7 Crashing because of Windows Live Toolbar


I have had the same problem however, i have confined it to the Form fill. The tool bar itself works fine, it seems that it only causes problems when you try to use the form fill portion. If you like the tool bar, Uninstall it, then reinstall and make sure that you don't use the form fill. Not sure if there is a fix for the form fill but I used to have it due to it's convenience but for some reason, it stopped working and was crashing IE7. It took a while but that's what I narrowed it down to.