I am programming with WLM 8.1.

Now I have a problem that ,in order to get or change input text in IMWindowClass, I hook "loadlibary" and check dll name,if it was named "Riched20.dll", I got CreateTextService function point and load ms riched20.dll. This way is available to msn 7,

But it is not available to WLM 8.I hooked CreateTextService ,but WLm 8 seems to not call CreateTextService function.

Could you tell me how to solve this problem

thank you .

Re: why WLM doesn't call CreateTextService?

Jeroen Bransen - J-Thread

Unfortunatly I can't give you this information.
All I can say is that WLM uses a special library called DirectUI to create the interface, including the text boxes and stuff. The library is not public.
If you want to get the text typed in the conversation window, why don't you try to make an Add-In That's probably much easier.