I am trying to render a GeoRSS feed on VE. I am using the function

VEShapeSourceSpecification to attach an rss data source to a layer. Things work as expected.

VEShapeSourceSpecification requires an URL to the GeoRSS feed. I was wondering if I can

somehow provide the whole GeoRSS string instead of the URL. My front-end dynamically generates a GeoRSS string, and I would like to render the GeoRSS string on VE, instead of providing an URL.

Does anyone know how I can do it Thanks

Re: VEShapeSourceSpecification question

Jared H

When you say that your front-end is generating the GeoRss...this could be problematic; the URL needs to point to a web server and be requested over Http. That said, there are several threads in here (mine included) that chat up using an HttpHandler (.ashx, for example) to dynamically return a GeoRss compliant text/xml string in lieu of having a static xml resident on a server's file system. I realize that's not quite what you're asking for, but you could do something similar...round trip your string through the handler and then back to the client as though a raw xml file had been served up in the first place. Not a very performant architecture, and short of not knowing more details of what your application is doing, I wouldn't bother going that route. You'd be better off having your UI let the user create a collection of points and the option of saving that as a GeoRss to share out later. If that's what you're trying to do, anyway...hope some of this helps!