Okay so this is going to be a question and also a request:

The question/problem first - I integrated the ConvertState block into this new trial mashup and decided to skip the preview option and just shared to try and open it in a browser to see if it works (because FB only uses the user's info if you are viewing separately). So it didn't and I got frustrated as usual and then I tried previewing in the mashup creation page and GUESS WHAT!!! it worked and then I was like YAY!!! and then I went out of preview to see what I had changed and realized nothing and then went back into preview to see it doesn't work anymore.

Looking at the....gah! I just tried it again and the preview worked but viewing it separately does not still show any pushpins (for my info)

Another Q - So are there only a certain number of times you can call on a certain block because sometimes in the preview mode (showing console) it says calling on blah_block (blah_#) tries and then freezes at a certain number usually at 26.

The request - Is it possible to view your info within the preview mode or to show console outside so that we can troubleshoot by seeing what problems are occuring with the info its receiving from our personal accounts!

I hope this post made sense!



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Unfortunatley we can't allow users to view their own info from Facebook at preview time, once you've entered a FB auth token we might be able to do that. I'll add it to the list of feature requests and hopefully we'll have a chance to look at it soon :-).

We don't enforce a limit on the number of times you can a block sometimes a provider might for example Technorati can only be called 500 a days.

If you share the mashup which has the issue we can look into it more for you. :-)

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The mashup is shared under my projects with the name, "FB and Vir Earth New Trial."

I meant to ask as to how many times can ONE mashup composition call on individual blocks within it As in, how many times can I call on the ConvertState block in one preview, reason I ask becasue it says calling on Blah_Block blah_# of times and then gets stuck at 26 a lot of times.


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RealHeartMozart [msft]


There is no limit on the number of times you can invoke a block in a loop. Let us know if the problem with 26 continues to reproduce. More likely there is something specific about the data in the 26th call.


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