I have to create an application using VE maps in WPF, the problem is that I can't get the map images to put them in a polygon. I've tried using the VE maps Control inside a WebBrowser control using interop, but the problem with this solution is that I can't draw WPF shapes on top of the WebBrowser control since it uses a diferent airspace from WPF. I even tried to look at the html generated by the map to see if I could grab the images somehow drawing the control offscreen, but it seems that the control renders with in memory HTML.

From what I've seen the SDK only talks about the control, is there any othe process I can use to get the images

Bruno Silva
Multivector TI

Re: WPF App using VE maps

Yousef ED

Currently the only officially supported SDK is the control to be used in a webbrowser. It is definitely possible to use the raw image urls in WPF as well (actually I did it in both 2D and 3D), but since this isn't really supported by Microsoft I would not recommend this for a business solution. You might want to take a look at MapPoint (, Virtual Earth is built on top of this.