Hi, we are a small website looking to integrate Live ID authentication. Our users come to us, ask questions, get answers, and then might not come back for a little while (weeks months ). We are concerned that each time these users come back their Live ID account will have expired. This is a big problem for us as our service does not require daily or weekly consistant logins. Does anyone know the amount of time a Live ID must remain idle (not in use) before Microsoft expires it How are other websites dealing with this Thanks.

Re: Account Expiration concerns

Sir Darquan

It's highly unlikly that a user, while not returning to your site for weeks or months won't use other Windows Live services. I would think that each time a service gets used the date for cookie expire gets pushed back a little. Besides every time the user comes back to your site they should have to login in someway, with the exception of when they come back to your site without closing the browser. If you set your site cookine to expire when they close the broswer Windows Live will take care of the rest.

This is just from my limited experiance and from the logic I've gathered playing with it. So it's possible this is slightly inaccurate, but so far I haven't had any problems using this setup. If logic makes sence and you'd like me to go into more detail, I'd be happy to help.