Hey there,

I have been following Popfly closely over the past months and it is very impressive..

I have registered to become part of the alpha and was advised that an invitation would be sent or i could contact someone in the forum who could potentially accept me as part of the alpha.

I am very keen to get involved with the alpha of this fantastic product, so if there is anyone who could accept me as part of the alpha that would be awesome.


Re: Invitation request

johnmont [msft]

If you have requested an invitation, you should receive one typically within a business day. Please post back here if you don't; often our invitation emails are deleted by users' spam filters. :-(


Re: Invitation request



I've request, many subscription to popfly (3 times since 20 june) . I receved always this mail : "


We have received your request for an invitation to Popfly. We will e-mail your invitation when we send out our next batch of invites. If you have any further questions about Popfly, you can reach us via the Popfly discussion forum at LinkId=90757.


The Popfly Team

But i had never receved the e-mail invistation. What is the problem