First of all, I just want to say that this forum has been very helpful to me as a developer because I was running into similar problems. Now, I have a new one and I was hoping someone can help.

After signing in into my application, I get the following error message:

Can't share information

This feature is not available for your account type.

I am wondering - do I need a special account type to do development work I know that other sites that has released their APIs require a developer's ID - do I need one for Windows Live's APIs If so, I never saw any documentation or instruction on this. If I don't need one, would someone please tell me why I'm getting the error message then

Thank you!

Re: development account?



I am currently watching the video from Mix'07 by Yaron regarding Contact's API - and I'm in Smile I can sign in - but I get the same error message.

Help !

Re: development account?

YuanYuan Yu - MSFT

Hi, LazerWonder, thank you for your feedback.

As for your problem, the reason is that our system blocks any user that's under 15 years of age per our Privacy/Legal requirement. So maybe when you are registering your test account, you have put a random birth year in the profile that renders you not old enough for using our system, or you have been completely honest and you are a 7-year-old genius, : )

To fix that, please go to and change your profile so that you were born any time earlier than 1992, : )