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The photo upload tool is designed to allow you to upload pictures in a dedicated storage assigned to your space.  You can rearange these photos into albums and arrange them in the order you want them to be displayed.  You can also choose which pictures you do not wish to be made visible on your MSN Spaces photo album. 

Many people are having dificulty with the Photo Upload tool.  If your Photo Upload tool is not working try these few simple steps.

1. Click here  to download a .cab file that is required DOWNLOAD and when prompted click OPEN then close the folder it opens.

2. Click here to download another .cab file that is required DOWNLOAD and when prompted click OPEN then close the folder that it opens.

3. Click this LINK and follow the three steps here also.

4. Sign back into your MSN Space goto your photo album and click add photos and see if you can now use the photo upload tool.

If you need help or support for this Tool please post your question in the forum below

Re: Photo Upload Tool

wondering girl

I've tried it , never worked , that's why I sent this >>> PostID=606561&SiteID=1

thanx anyway.

Re: Photo Upload Tool


I have tried for weeks and weeks to get Windows Live Photo Upload to install on my computer and failed several times. Then I found this help tool and decided that it wouldn't hurt to give it a go. At first I thought it hadn't worked but after another attempt to install it...low and behold it actually did work!

Thanks heaps,Cheers and keep up the good work!

Re: Photo Upload Tool

kirenia Ramentol

hola me llamo kirenia quiero istalar este programa

Re: Photo Upload Tool


You can upload photos easily here and at the same time earn Sharepic

Re: Photo Upload Tool


I think you missed a few "small" bits of information... such as:

Where to download the .cab and/or extract the .dll files to.

This little bit of info might actually allow this "help" to work...

Re: Photo Upload Tool


Hi there

i have downloaded the files you said to and this has not worked for me do you have to download the files into where your pictures are kept on you pc/laptop or doesnt it matter i ahve vista home basic on my laptop and i cant get my pictures to work I need help pleaseeeeeeee


Re: Photo Upload Tool


hi have u tried using mozilla firefox instead, i use that, it problems at all

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Hi there all

I still cant get this to work my emails are through msn and i cant attach a picture as msn does not reconise my picture format it starts updating msn photo tool and it stops and it make no difference this is very annoying i can still attach pitures to a web site other than msn the thing is i have an msn group and cant get pictures on it either anyone know how to get round this


Re: Photo Upload Tool


Thank you man!!!

I was frankly scheptical, but it really worked!

thanks again

Re: Photo Upload Tool


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Re: Photo Upload Tool


Ummmmm I tried all of the above steps. Still not working. Clicking on the "Install Now button" does not do anything. I am on Vista, and would like to start using my site on Live Spaces. Please help

Thank you

Re: Photo Upload Tool


Sorry to bother you, but I've been trying to download this photo tool, but I can't. I've already done the steps you show here, but still I can't If you can help me I would apreciate it


Re: Photo Upload Tool


Hi all,

I did the following steps, and I got it running. So, hope this can help you.

1. Go to IE "Internet Options", delete Cookies, delete Files

2. Go to "Setting" on the same tab, go to "View Objects"

3. Delete any thing like "MSN Photos ..." or "Windows Live Photos Upload...."

4. Sign back in to your spaces, to "Photos", "Edit Album/Add Album", then "Add Photos"

5. Install the ActiveX again

Everything should be running, and you would be able to upload photos like before.

Good luck!!


Re: Photo Upload Tool


Hi, Despite me following the above steps, I'm still not able to download the photo upload tool for windows live. I'm not using Norton but Macafee. Each time I try to add a photo, it prompts me to install photoax. Please help.

Thank you.