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If you are unable to sign in or sign out to your web application, there could be a number of reasons. I will try to address the most commonly made mistakes here.

I am using the iframe and I'm not signed in, but the iframe tells me I am.
Check your return URL in the Microsoft Services Manager (MSM). The return URL should be of your handler page, not of the index-page of your website. If you own and have a handler page set up at, enter that URL in the MSM.

Please note that the handler URL can't contain a querystring. action=liveid/login will not work. If you are unable to use the page without the query strings, consider URL-rewriting.

I am using the iframe and I can sign in, but I can't sign out. The sign out-page gives a red cross.

The sign-out page makes a call to every site the user is signed in on. The sign out-process on each website returns a clear, transparant GIF-image (size 1x1), the sign-out page "reads" the image and if it's ok, the green checkmark is displayed. If something is wrong with the image (no data returned, or non-image-data), a red cross is displayed.

Make sure your webauth handler returns only a 1x1 clear pixel. No less, no more. If you return HTML or anything other, it will trigger an error. Check your handler page by visiting action=clearcookie. This is the URL that the sign out-page will use: handler_url + " action=clearcookie".

I am not using the iframe and I can't sign in.

Check your handler-URL (see above).

I am not using the iframe and I can't sign out.

If you can sign in, but can't sign out, your handler URL is correct, but clearcookie returns the wrong data. See above.

I am not returned to my website when I click Sign in.

Check your application ID in your configuration file and in your links. If the application ID is incorrect, the Live ID-servers are unable to tell where the user is coming from, and will either: not process the request or send the user to the wrong website.

I can't reach the MSM!

Are you using the right address The correct URL is If it's unavailable, please try again later.


I hope this post helped solving the most commonly made mistakes. If you have any questions, suggestions or something that's missing, please post them and I will update this FAQ.