I have an page (C#) with a filter (with labels and dropdown lists) on the top and a map show the results under the filter.

When the details pop up window appears on the top of the map, it is shown under the dropdown controls.

I tried with the z-index on various elements but without success.

How can I have my pushpin details box appear over the asp controls

Re: pushpin pop up and controls

Derek Chan

I'd recommend just ripping out whatever you stick in the details box into the control rather than actually moving the entire pushpin detail box.  If you still want to do that, you'll need to hack the .css class and alter the positioning of the box div tag

Re: pushpin pop up and controls


Ugh. I hate dropdown controls. They pretty much always appear above any div you try and display over the top. My popup code usually makes dropdowns invisible so I don't have that problem. I'm not sure if you could do that with the VE PushPin popups.

Re: pushpin pop up and controls


The AJAX Controls toolkit has a custom dropdown control that eliminates this.

DropDowns have been on the topmost layer since the dawn of graphical interfaces for the web. Netscape, IE, Firefox -- all the same. Maybe it's because part of the W3C standards doc Just a fact of life that nearly all dynamic HTML programmers have had to deal with at some point.

I am curious as to why the standards force the dropdown to the topmost index. What is it about the element that prevents browsers from handling dropdown much like any other element Maybe it's to ensure that the content of the list is visible over and above all other controls when selected