Ok, so here last week, where me and a friend both were chatting using Windows Live Messenger (the newest version) and then I logged off, and he wrote a message to me after I logged off. It was a message that was as long as WLM allows. The day after I tried to get online with my account on WLM again, and it said: Welcome to offline communication. Then the message should have been presented but instead the program froze. Since then, I have not been able to use WLM with my account, neither on my own computer, my friends computer, or my girlfriends computer. My girlfriend can use her account with WLM on my computer, so my conclusion is that it must be my account that is something wrong with!

I tried to see if I could use Web Messenger and Windows Messenger with my account, and there were no problems! I also tried earlier versions of Windows Live Messenger and MSN Messenger but same problem occured. What happens, is that when I log on, my contacts take a long time to be shown, and IF they get shown (doesnt always happens!) then after they are showed then the program freezes. I cannot do anything in the main WLM Window. The tool bar with "settings" and so on gets all white, and on the bar in the top it says: This program is not answering. Sometimes, it logs on, freezes, and after a while logged off again, and then logs on again and freezes. And sometimes it SEEMS like it logs on (showing the main window with no contacts) then freezes and nothing happens at all ( I tried to wait for at least 1 hour one of the times).

Remember this ONLY happens with MY account!

So I blame that looong message that my friend wrote! Can it be that And if so, how do I fix that problem And can Microsoft in anyway do that

I have also tried to uninstall both WLM and the extra add-on package "Plus", and used Windows Washer to remove all cache, temporary files and so on. Furthermore, I also tried running a full system scan with Ad-Aware and with my antivirus program NOD32. It didnt help one bit.

Maybe the reason why only Web and Windows Messenger works, is that it doesnt support offline communication. That's the only reasonable explanation I can come up with.

I have send my problem to the Windows Live support (in Danish to the Danish department of support) because I am (you guessed it) Danish. But I get a confirmation email saying that I cannot expect an answer within 72 hours because they are very busy.And I wrote all this last weekend, I think it was Saturday, so its 4 days ago.

If anyone in here could help me, I would be truly and eternally grateful because I use WLM everyday, and its a daily routine for me to use it to keep in contact with all my friends. OR at least tell me, where else I should/could post this..


Thomas from Denmark

Re: My account suddenly only works with Windows Messenger and Web Messenger??


This is weird. Because i have the EXACT same problem as desribed above. I would like to hear as well if theres anyone in here who has a solution to this problem