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Dear Members ,

Im Currently Using Windows Vista Ultimate 32 , My Messenger live keeps Disconnecting , not like signing out , but not sending or recieving messages , i have to sign out and then in then it works for a while , but then it disconnects again. im not sure what its from , i got live onecare on my system , and im connected on a Private Network in my network settings.

Im Not Sure what is causing msn messenger to disconnect

Thank You


Re: Live Messenger Connection Problem ?

Mister President

I am having the exact same problem with my Live Messenger 8.1 on my Win Xp computer. It signs in, then it looks connected until I change my status, and after that I am simply disconnected but the messenger itself shows me I am on-line. It even looks like I do communicate with anybody on my contact list but the messages never go through. I tried so many things suggested that might looked helpful but none of them worked out for me to solve this issue. I have un-installed the software maybe 20 times in the last 3 months (because form time to time I gave up trying) and deleted everything in my computer related to the software (even gone through registry) but I am still here. Would highly appreciate if anybody could help me anyhow solve the problem. Thanks in anticipation.

Re: Live Messenger Connection Problem ?

Martin S Lunde

I have the EXACT same problem, gettin nuts!
There is some time since this problem first was reported, some solution Bill Gates